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Springfield Center for Dyslexia and Learning is a 501(c)3, educational not-for-profit serving people with significant reading, spelling and writing difficulties, including people with dyslexia.  

Our Story


We started the Springfield Center for Dyslexia and Learning because our own kids  were diagnosed with dyslexia and our schools weren't clear on how to effectively teach our children to read.  Some of us didn't have a diagnosis but just knew something was not right with our kids and their ability to acquire reading skills.  While our kid's teachers were concerned they were unable to offer us the support that we thought our kids needed. 


Our  children thought something was wrong with them.  Everyone else in the class was making progress but they struggled to learn the basics.  Many of our kids had a lot of anxiety about going to school and may had headaches or stomach aches weekly or even daily.  We knew our kids were bright and intelligent but were frustrated because they were unable to achieve their best in the classroom.  Certainly our kids weren't the only children feeling this way! 


We needed to do something to help all children who were struggling like this.

If you think your child is having a hard time learning to read,  if reading is very difficult for him/her compared to other subject areas or they are slow to read compared with their peers, please consider that he or she may be dyslexic.

The key to success with dyslexia or below average reading or literacy skills is appropriate intervention.

Mission Statement

Provide educational, charitable, and supportive services to individuals with dyslexia.  Delivering research based multi-sensory teaching methods in a positive learning environment that ignites the student’s inner strengths and inspires them to be engaged lifelong learners building foundations in literacy (reading, writing, spelling).    

Values & Beliefs

Be Positive:

Emphasis of individual strengths
Personalized learning
Performance expectations
Accountability to self & others
Learning is a lifelong skill

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